London Chess Conference 2017

The conference was organized bij ChessPlus and held December 2 and 3 2017.

Site conference:

Site ChessPlus:


Contribution Karel van Delft

PowerPoint lecture Karel van Delft about competitive and scholastic chess


Videos with impressions sbout conference and several speakers

Impressions London Chess Conference 2017

Sunil Weeramantry: A Blended Learning Chess Course

Jakob Rathlev: What Everyone in Scholastic Chess Should Know about Evaluation

Fernand Gobet: Chess and Intelligence – Lessons for Scholastic Chess

Maurice Ashley: School Chess, Research and Curriculum

Leontxo García: Chess Across Subjects

Brian Kisida: School Chess, Research and Curriculum

Reinaldo Golmia Dante: Research

Ebenezer Joseph: Thinking Outside the Box – Enhancing Creativiy with Chess Instruction

Jesper Hall: Does Scholastic Chess Need a Code of Conduct?

William Bart: Making School Chess Research Relevant

Mads Jacobsen: What is Scholastic Chess?