Chess and Education London Conference 2014    'Chess and Mathematics'

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Research Anna Nicotera 'Literature Review of Chess Studies'
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  IM Malcolm Pein

Opening Conference
Video Malcolm Pein

  Karel van Delft

Video interview Karel van Delft with Caspar Hermeling about chess and autism (subtitled in English).
Lecture Karel van Delft chess and autism.

  Richard James

Video speech Richard James: 'I discovered chess and I got lucky'.
Text Richard James 'Santa Claus brought him a small plastic chess set'.

  Edward Pogossian

Video speech Edward Pogossian: Use of computer for autistic children.

  Dijana Dengler
Special needs
Video speech Dijana Dengler:  Chess for children with special needs.

 Luis Blasco de la Cruz

Video speech Luis Blasco de la Cruz: Chess for children with ADHD.

  Left to right: Karel van Delft, Paul McKeown, Roland Grabner

Workshop higly gifted children and chess
Video Roland Grabner, Paul McKeown, Karel van Delft.

Lessons to highly gifted children
Video Karel van Delft about teaching chess to highly gifted children in The Netherlands (subtitled in English).
Lecture Karel van Delft: teaching highly gifted children.

  Roland Grabner

Successful Mathematics Learning: Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience
Video lecture Roland Grabner.

  Jorge Nuno Silva

Mathematics and Games: the Meaning of Life
Video lecture Jorge Nuno Silva

  Frederic Friedel (left) and Pascal Simon

Fritz & Chesster
Video presentation Frederic Friedel and Pascal Simon

  Bo Johansson

Is there a Threshold Effect of Chess Teaching
Video lecture Bo Johansson

  Anna Nicotera

A Systematic Review of Research on School Chess
Video lecture Anna Nicotera

  Christina Schenz

Promoting Giftedness in all Children with Mathematics and Chess
Video lecture Christina Schenz.

  Jennifer Shahade

'You Must Be So Good At Math'
Video lecture Jennifer Shahade.

  David Wells

The Connections between Chess and Mathematics
Video lecture David Wells.

  Giovanni Sala

Can Chess Improve Metacognition in Children?
Video lecture Giovanni Sala.

  Rob Eastaway

The Maths of Games
Video lecture Rob Eastaway.

  Roberto Trinchero

Can School Chess Improve Maths Ability?
Video lecture Roberto Trinchero.

  Wendi Fischer

Using Chess to Develop the Whole Child
Video lecture Wendi Fischer.

  Susan Sallon

Does Early Chess Increase Cognitive Ability?
Video lecture Susan Sallon.

  GM Nigel Short and Pascal Simon

Information Market
Video with impressions.

  IM Stefan Löffler

Chess Education Network
Video speech Stefan Löffler

  Michelle Ellefson (left) and Carme Saurina

Education Research Meeting
Video meeting.

  IM Jesper Hall

Chess as a Pedagogic Tool
Video discussion contribution Jesper Hall.

  Jérome Maufras (left), Rita Atkins, Allan Parr

New Game Design Competition
Video open jury meeting.

  John Foley

Closing the event
Video John Foley.

  Childrens tournament

Childrens tournament London Chess Classic