Authors of the ebook Karel van Delft and IM Merijn van Delft are psychologists and chess trainers.
The foreword is by GM Artur Yusupov with whom they cooperate.

Pdf format
The ebook is in pdf format. This means you can read it on your e-reader, PC, tablet and smartphone.
Also you can print it. There is no protection.
The ebook comes instead of the book 'Developing Chess Talent', from which two editions are sold out.

A preview of the book you can download.
The book is recommended by the FIDE Trainers Commission (2010 document books for trainers).
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Francesco Lupo in English
Francesco Lupo in Italian

The price of the ebook is 6 euro.
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IM Merijn van Delft presents the book in the Max Euwe Centre in Amsterdam.
The video is made by Peter Doggers of ChessVibes.